Food and wine

​First dinner in Slovenia. I love discovering a country through its dishes, its smells and particular herbs and seasonings. From the balkan I expect a menu rich in meat, heavily flavoured, buttery. Traditional vegetables. Nothing fancy like sweet potatoe fries or vegan diet.

While strolling through the streets along the river Ljubljanica, I ignore the burger places and pizzerias, bent on finding a place that serves Slovenian food. 

There it is. A lady with a stack of menues piled on her arm invites me to have look at their day specials. The place looks decent enough and a glance at said specials tells me I found the right place. For a brief moment I consider ordering the horse gulash but can keep myself in check. The venison gulash it will be. Not too experimental, but something I wouldn’t necessarily order, let alone cook back home. 

With it I order a glass of Slovenian red wine that is advertised as a specialty from the karst region. I should’ve stopped there, realising that karst is a stone formation that holds no minerals and such but lets all the good stuff dripple through the cracks into the groundwater that transports it off. Nothing left to nourish the plants. Probably that happens to all good stuff in karst that usually makes soil fertile for growing crops and wine. 

Of course, that only occurs to me after I sipped the first drop. SOUR! Gee, how extremely dry and sour that wine is! It crumbles my tongue and makes my lips dry. Funny enough though, it also tastes darkly fruity a moment later. It smells heavy and leaves a surprising warmth in my mouth.

The gulash is very fine and richly seasoned. Meal and drink go well together and I thank the waitress for her authentic recommendation. 

However, with still 25 degrees outside I crave a more summery treat now. I remember the wine casa I passed earlier that day. People sit outside on stairs, tiny wooden tables stand between two people that hold not more than two wine glasses. I enjoy the mediterranean flair. People walk by on their leisurely night walks through the streets, the castle above town is lit up and Ljubljanica peacefully flows underneath the bridges. I order a fruity Chilean red wine and lean back. 

Hello Slovenian lifestyle.


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