Feeling good

So. Now that therapy is nearing its end, I might as well come forward and exercise some frolicking thought games that are supposed to light up my droopy disposition. 

Having readily disposed of 15% of my control urge (on a piece of paper in a box – yes, venturesome me), I feel I should fill that void with something good. Here are three things that were good today. 

I finished a task at work and found out that I really like working on that kind of process. 

What made me be the lucky one to get that task done? I guess, once I find the concentration, I’m happy meddling with meticulous tiny fractions of information, extract them from a larger text and piece them together to a new form. 

Feeling accurate and nerdy here…

Then Peter uploaded his application as BT candidate and received lots of good reactions on it.

Why’s that good for me? Well, the application is really good and I had my hand in it rounding it off and I feel proud that he follows his goals and hope he’ll be successful when the Bavarian Landesliste is voted in two weeks. 

Feeling melancholic butterflies…

And then I made my dad happy when he found my ‚keep up your spirits‘ postcard in the mail. 

Feeling good.


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