And a doxie for me, please

So. Here I go again. Back in control over my life. Or so I’d like to think while sloppily drinking wine on my couch and netflix plays some wildlife documentary. It’s time to get my act together and move forward. Deal with more important things than sadness. Saving the world for instance. Nothing less. Starting with giving a mini dachshund a new home. 


Ooooooohhh, yes I want one. A puppy. Badly. And yes, I gleefully ignore the underlying psychological interpretive motive that jumps even at me… 🙃

It’d be soooo lovely and cutie and funny to have a little doxie here, wagging its teeny tiny tail about!! We’d watch netflix together, play ball in the garden, explore the surrounding parks and play tricky games with treats.

Only thing is, what do I do with my job? Need more wine to contemplate the intricate aftermath of getting a dog. 

So much for having control over my life.


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