What’s next?

After 20 years of wishing for a tattoo – 

now that I have it –

it feels funny – 

I’m my own – 

boss – 

inked – 

wish fulfilled – 

I can’t stop looking at it – 

richer for a new experience – 

a scar that beautifies, does not scare 

What’s next?


Is this the real life

Easter weekend. No obligations.

Bed time.
Book time.
Raclette time.

I crave you hugging me.

Supporting Greens for fun and for my friends. Not thinking about the things that bug me.

Revelling in my activist mode.
Get up, stand up, speak up!

I help friends and feel joyful.

The sun is shining and a dachshund is sitting next to me on the train. His ears are so fluffy.

Happy Easter.

The non-plan

Giving somebody time isn’t always exactly a plan. Rather it is a non-plan that relieves us from the hassle of getting back to our feet when we have just lazily snuggled up in a hole.

I won’t receive the answer I’ve been hoping for. There goes this path of life. 

But because I kind of enjoy my integrity and ego being intact… I swap the non-plan to a plan.

Let’s see what exactly that could be. Maybe, if I’m lucky, it might come with a mini dachshund.